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Star Wars Celebration London Day 3


The Dark Empire

In additon to the photo you see here, I will be adding further effects (Lighsabers, force powers, backgrounds, etc) to many of the photos you see below. Reach out for details!

Photos are free to download by individuals within them under the following terms.

  • Tag or Collaborate with @Scotcharak when posting on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Tag for The Dark Empire during Social Media Posts

  • Editing of Photos is forbidden without the consent of the Photographer

  • Free Touch-ups are provided! Please contact me!

  • Watermark must stay intact.

  • Photos are not to be sold or reproduced without the permission of the Photographer.

  • Usage of photos by companies, media, or contests must be approved by the photographer.

Photos are free of use for The Dark Empire, 501st Legion, Rebel Garrisson, and affiliated groups with no editing & proper crediting.

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