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My name is Zak Souter-Lucas. I am an Advanced Care Paramedic in Alberta & Flight Paramedic in Nunavut. Photography is an important creative outlet for me and helps me deal with the stresses of my job. I started hobby shooting with my Canon M50 as a pastime during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to blow off work-related stress. Now I'm the proud owner of a Canon R7, Several Sigma Lenses, and have more editing courses than I know what to do with.

Why Scotch & Arak?

Heritage-wise, I am a true Canadian medley. I was born with a mixture of Scottish, Metis, and Polish-Ukrainian roots with an emphasis on Scottish traditions from my maternal Grandfather.

Scotch became a stereotypical favorite and a passage to my understanding of tradition and culture.​ Arak is something new to me, but just as important. Arak represents the woman I married from Syria and the beautiful culture she brings into my life.


Photography Achievements

Editor for 2022 Edmonton Animethon Convention

Stills Photographer for Combined Forces Productions during Fallen Heroes Production (Trailer in Link)

Photographer for the Canmore Highland Games

Books I Recommend

Podcasts I Recommend

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