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  • What is your favorite Scotch/Arak?
    Right now I am in love with Kilchoman (Machir Bay Island). As far as Arak goes, I am a bit spoiled. The current bottles I have are all from Lebanon/Syria and unavailable in Canada. ​ I'm not paid to endorse anything... But If you own one of these fine distilleries, I will take sponsorship.
  • I see a photo of me on your site.
    Awesome! I hope you like it! If you want a copy, shoot me an email and I will send you the high-res version. All photos that I have posted are either done with written consent or following public/event/privacy laws. This being said, I absolutely respect that someone would like their photo taken down. If you find a photo of yourself that you would like to remove, reach out to me! All photos of models under the age of 18 in a private location are posted with the consent of their parents. I do my best to ask parents when at public events.
  • Some of your photos make me uncomfortable.
    Guess what. I like guns, puppies, cosplay, and hunting. I also dominantly eat "vegan" with some exceptions here and there. I love art that you hang in museums and art that involves incredibly cool explosions. I want to express my love for these things with photos. What I am getting at is simple. Just like my work as a paramedic, I am not on this earth to judge. I have a seat at my table for members of all interests, cultures, religions, and genders. My photography is for me, my models, and their respected communities. It's okay if something makes you feel uncomfortable and it is easy to scroll on if you feel that way. If it is actually health concerning, promotes hate, or has the ability to be hazardous to someone or a group of people I will take it down. This being said, I will not take something down if it is just against your personal mantra, preference, or goes against your ideology. I'm comfortable with guns, puppies, same-sex marriage, and expression. Dolls creep me out though. I probably won't post a lot about dolls. ​ Art is designed to create a feeling. We don't have to agree with the feelings we experience. That is part of the beauty of it.
  • What kind of photography services to you provide?
    I provide several different services! I'm passionate about shooting rallies, events, cosplay, and portraits. I like shooting events or with models that have show emotion and passion. I also provide affordable product photography and love creating custom stock photos for companies!
  • Safety
    Although safety goes both ways in this industry, I recognize that photographers are in a unique position of power and it's important that both myself and my models feel safe. During all my shoots, I encourage that models make sure they are comfortable. Please ask me as many questions as you need/like. I am an open book and will answer any questions you can think of. If the questions are important and not covered in this FAQ, I will add it! Additionally, I encourage male and female models to bring a friend/partner/family member to all our meetings and shoots. All models under the age of 18 must a parent or guardian present for shoots and meetings.
  • Why do you ask to meet before a shoot?
    A variety of reasons. I want to capture genuine photos. I dislike posed faces, iPhone smiles, and let's be honest - photography (when done right) has an intimate component to it. I want myself and my model to be comfortable enough to talk shop, talk interests, and give each other some genuine reactions. It's easy to develop this during a shoot (at least for me with my EMS experience), however, meeting before gives us better use of our time during the shoot. It also helps when people do not have the same initial comfort level as me.
  • Why I don't post pricing?
    I don’t show pricing because I do so many different types of work, and there are too many variables involved. For example, with corporate and commercial assignments, pricing is not solely a function of the number of hours spent shooting. Licensing rights and usage must be considered. The date and time of year may, in some cases, impact pricing. I will gladly provide you with a quote once I know all the details. Finally, digital post-production and editing are a big part of the job and need to be considered. The larger the event, the more work is involved. Once I know what a job entails, I can give you a realistic estimate upfront. Generally speaking, I am able to offer better rates than my competitors. Let me know what is involved and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Are your Prices Competative?
    Absolutely! In fact, I find I am generally priced lower than others. This is due to my newer stature in photography and also due to the fact I don't do photography full time (Limited availability). When asking me to "beat" a price, please keep the following in mind: My prices are generally the minimum it would cost for me to do the work. A lot of the times people forget how expensive costs are for photographers and what they involve. (Lens(es), Camera Body(ies), Stands, Lighting, Bags, Fuel, Licensing (Parks Canada, Cities, etc), Subscriptions (Adobe, Website, Luminar, Boris, etc), and more. You generally get what you pay for and the cheapest option is not always the best option.
  • Why did you refuse my Gig?
    It's nothing personal! I will take on 90% of the challenges thrown at me. I do however know my limits and that it's not a good idea to push them (hard) when photographing precious moments. If I refused your gig, chances are I've given you a speech about how "This is newer to me, so there is risk involved" and you've been too concerned about the risk to push forward. Generally speaking, I will recommend other photographers and send you a list of my favorite YYC photographers! The #1 problem I've seen is that people complain that those I recommend are "amazing, but out of budget". For big precious memories, that is sometimes the bullet we need to bite. Like I mentioned above, when you pay for photography you are paying for equipment, experience, subscriptions, and more. Experience is a huge part of this formula and the best photographers I know are busy!
  • How long does it take for you to edit our photos?
    My turnaround can be anywhere from a few hours to a month. If I am doing a shoot for free (TFP, etc) or it is an event that I attended personally - You will be at the mercy of my professional and personal schedule. This being said, I will do the best I can do crank-out photos. I will not make anyone wait for unfair time periods. ​ If the shoot is commissioned, you can expect results within a week. I may prolong this depending on the event, amount of pictures, and needs. I will not turn out half-arsed products. If a delay is going to happen, there will be a lot of communication prior. ​ There will be an expectations discussion for both TFP and commissioned work prior to the shoot.
  • Do you provide RAW files?
    No, I do not provide RAW files from shoots. They aren’t sent usually due to several reasons. One of the main reasons though is because the RAW files are a sort of digital negatives to a photographer and therefore proof that he/she took the image. Moreover, these files are also very large and cannot be opened as easily as a JPF or PNG file. I can explain more if needed, just shoot me an email.
  • Do you edit all of our photos?
    Yes I do! Every image that you get has been hand edited by myself. I do not do bulk editing, or a one sized fits all solution. This does require me to spend more time than some other photographers, however I find that the end results are worth it!
  • Can we see all the images that did not make the final cut?
    I'm afraid not. Editing is a tedious process and some photoshoots can have upwards of 1000 or more photos. In order to save space (both physical & in the cloud), I only keep ones that would do justice to the shoot.
  • What gear do you use?
    I find this an interesting reoccurring question. My current setup is pretty simple. I have a mirrorless Canon R7 and a variety of SIGMA lenses. My go-to arsenal consists of my SIGMA 18-35mm ART f/1.8, SIGMA 50-100mm ART f/1.8, and my SIGMA 150-600mm Contemporary f/5-6.3. For Lighting, most of my photos are done naturally. I do have a Godox V1 Round Head in my arsenal. I do have some prime lenses, but only pull them out when needed. I have invested in a backdrop setup, but have not started to offer sessions with it. Previously, (Prior to July 1st, 2022) I was shooting with a Canon M50 and the above SIGMA lense combo. It is now my second camera.
  • What Editing Software do you use?
    This is pretty loaded. I find I made the "buy everything" mistake when I started. Here is a list of products that I use: Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Luminar AI Topaz Denoise Topaz Sharpen Boris Optics Dominantly I use Lightroom to process everything. The more time I spent behind the camera, the more I have had to edit less. In my major edits, everything is used as needed.
  • Do you 2nd Shoot?
    Yes! Contact me for details.
  • Are you for hire?
    Absolutely. Keep in mind, I am also a working professional. I work as a Metro Paramedic in Calgary and a Flight Paramedic in Nunavut. My schedule has some flexibility to it, so please reach out if you are interested. My rates vary and I base them on different things (type of event, hours, distance, etc.). It's best to contact me to figure out more.
  • Do you do free work? (TFP)
    I love collaborating. I will consider all reasonable TFP projects. I do list them under the projects section of this site. If you have something in mind that I have not listed - contact me! I'm diverse in interest and would love to help out.
  • Do I have to make an account?
    Only if you plan to access a photoshoot that we have done a collaboration, TFP, or paid shoot. Event photos do not require a password unless it was a private event or specified by the client in charge of the event.
  • Why do I have to make an account?
    Security and accountablilty. When you make an account I give you access to the pages you are allowed to see through my admin control. This way I have a logged record of who is access the photos, when, and what they are downloading. No one outside of the admin approval process can access the content unless you have given them your password or I have given them access at your request.
  • Why do group shoots all fall under the same page?
    Creating the pages takes space and a lot of time for organizing. Same with assigning badges, etc. When I do a group collaboration I post all the photos in said collaboration with the exception of nudity (unless permission is granted from each model). This saves me a lot of time. Models will be aware of this prior to posting and have the option of opting out. This may effect the timeliness of individual deliveries and add an expiration on individual deliveries. Male and female collaborations are kept seperately if the shoot is boudoir or nude art based - unless collaboration meant models are in both photos. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions about this!
  • Who can see my account? Is my info secure?
    Only you and I can see your account and the information in it. The membership area cannot be viewed by anyone else. The only information collected is your email, name, and two slots for social media (Facebook & Instagram). This is for contact, access, and tagging purposes only. We do not contact you on matters outside of your shoot (or upcoming collaborations). There are no sales emails and we do not share any details of your account to any group/organization or body.
  • I made an account - Why can't I see my photos?
    Please give me 24hrs to give you access. I have to do it manually (per individual) and cross check the right person is getting access. I work as a Paramedic on top of my work as a photographer in both Day Shifts and Night Shifts. Additonally I may be teaching First Aid or with a Photo client. I might not be able to get right to it due to my scheduling.
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