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Fallen Heroes

I had the privilege to participate in and photograph a production by Combined Forces Production Collaborative. The filming took place in the Alberta Badlands to recreate the "White School Assault" on the 3rd of August in 2006. The Bayenzi White School had become a fortified Taliban staging area outside Kandahar City.

I was reinvited to participate again during their shooting of 3 other tragedies befalling Canadian Soldiers at Suffield. I cannot express my gratitude to the team, the volunteers, and the veterans I met during the shoots. The mission behind this production is amazing, and I encourage everyone to follow along by checking Combined Force Production out in the below links.


Combined Forces is an award-winning organization with a proven track record of delivering innovative concepts to museums and educational facilities. Thank you to Director Robert Curtin and Producer Karen Storwick for the amazing opportunity to act and photograph. 

Important Links:

Combined Forces Productions Promo Trailer

**Trigger WARNING**
Images under "Full Edits" and "Heavy Edits" include scenes edited to include blood and more accurate portrayals of death. For this reason, I have included a "Minor Edits" category where blood, grime, and other details are not included.

Sandy Point


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