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Eyes Project

I like working on passion projects as a way to challenge myself and work on something new. Over the last few years I have been increasingly interested in doing a photoshoot with various cultures and one interest in particular is related to several of the Islamic Viels and how they bring eyes to life. So I am hoping to find several ladies of various backgrounds who would like some free photos of themselves. Having married into a Syrian household with an extended Persian family, I've been encouraged to get this project going! The photos I am offering will be free of charge.

These photos would not be used for any paid opportunities, but for my own portfolio to showcase my work. I would be using them on my website, social media, photography promotion, and have a few prints for in-person meetings.


I will do my best to deliver these photos within a month. As this photo shoot is free, there may be times I need to prioritize the delivery of a paid photoshoot. In the event this happens, I will let everyone know immediately.

This shoot is a TFP shoot. Each model will get a minimum of 2 fully edited High-Resolution JPEG photos for their time (Per Outfit). In addition, I will offer a 50% discount on any future photoshoots (with some restrictions) as a thank you.


Photos are not to be used in publications, submitted to competitions, or used for monetary purposes/gain without the consent of all models in the photo or the photographer. Photos are not to be edited or have their watermark removed. I will provide touch-ups/edits free of charge. Credit must be given to both model and photographer when photos are used.

Location Info

Location: TBD

Address: TBD

Time: TBD


Location Rules:

  • TBD

This information will be provided when enough interest is generated.


As an Advanced Care Flight Paramedic, Safety is the priority. This being said, I am not a magician and cannot predict things. If you have any limitations, require assistance, or need to make me aware of anything, please do so.

At all my shoots I offer the following:


For comfort purposes, I have my LinkedIn account in the About Me section of this site. I am also happy to provide a photo of my Government I.D. and contact numbers that you can provide to a partner or family member. I am also happy to meet prior to the shoot in order to make sure we are both comfortable.


You are welcome to bring a friend to the shoot. I ask that the friend is female for the comfort of our other ladies. A male chaperone may be permitted with the permission of the other participants but this cannot be garunteed. Do to the nature of this shoot, I am also happy to bring my wife along to assist with anything needed.

Models Requirement

  • All shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome to join and diversity is encouraged!

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent.

  • Access to a Shayla, Hijab, Khimar, Chador, Niqab, Burka, or combination.

  • Traditional/wedding/special occasion outfits are encouraged.

I am happy to take multiple photos in multiple outfits. So there is no need to limit yourself to a few outfits. Private changing areas will be guaranteed.


Examples of what I want to shoot:

Photo Examples from Pinterest
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