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Travel and Events

When posting on social media both you and I must tag each other I will be tagging you as collaborators when I post certain photos. You do not need to accept this if you do not want to. Accepting will add the post I make to your page, declining will add a normal tag.

Scotch & Arak Instagram & Facebook: @ScotchArak

If you'd like some touch ups please let me know! It may take a bit for me to get them through as I am working on other shoots. As per the TFP agreement, only I am able to alter or edit the photos. I am happy to provide free touch ups. Watermark must stay intact, however I will provide prints at cost with no watermark if you are interested!

Photos are free to download by individuals within them under the following terms.

  • Tag or Collaborate with @Scotcharak when posting on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Editing of Photos is forbidden without the consent of the Photographer

  • Free Touch-ups are provided! Please contact me!

  • Watermark must stay intact.

  • Photos are not to be sold or reproduced without the permission of the Photographer.

  • Usage of photos by companies, media, or contests must be approved by the photographer.

Jeux des Highlands de Canmore

Les Canmore Highland Games sont un événement extrêmement important pour moi. Toute mon enfance (malgré que j'aie beaucoup déménagé) a tourné autour de mon retour à Canmore chez mes grands-parents et de ma participation aux Jeux. Je suis maintenant un fier membre de la Canmore Highland Games Society.


Les Jeux des Highlands de Canmore (depuis 1991)

Le mandat de notre société est de favoriser et d'encourager notre culture et tradition celtiques sous toutes ses formes – danse, musique et sports – et d'établir les Jeux des Highlands de Canmore en tant qu'événement de divertissement/destination culturelle.

Seville Fair

This Fair was an unforgettable experience and an absolute "must" if you are planning a trip to Spain. We were graciously hosted at a Casetta and after a month of traveling, it left its mark as the best part of our trip. From outfits, culture, friends, food, and experience - it was amazing.

Feria de Abril (Since 1846)

The Seville April Fair, also called Feria de Abril is the most important cultural festival in the city, together with the celebration of Easter. More than 1,000,000 people come every year to celebrate, dance, east, and meet friends.

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